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Reconditioning Jobs

Piston Crown Reconditioning:

Piston crown reconditioning is a cost effective alternative to the purchase of a new one for shipowners.

Piston crowns and skirts can be fully reconditioned at SHIP STORE, in our well equipped workshop in Tuzla, Istanbul. SHIP STORE provides to his customers unique service offers 2 STROKE Pistons, 4 STROKE Pistond and for ALUMINIUM Pistons has weld repairs back to original manufacturer standards at a fraction of the cost of new!

We also replace as exchange basis hundreds of reconditioned piston crowns in our stocks with your old piston crowns. We have wide range ship spare parts and piston crowns in our stocks brands MAK, Sulzer, Wartsila, B&W Man, Mitsubishi, SKL, etc. 

Cylinder Head Reconditioning :

Repairing a Cylinder Head by SHIP STORE offers a sound and lasting repair at a fraction of the new replacement cost. On receipt at our works, all components are thoroughly cleaned, degreased and identified with a unique reference number to ensure traceability. A full inspection report is produced, including photographs and sent to the customer for approval including recommendations for repair and spares required.


Once approved, the Cylinder Head is machined ready for welding. Defective and worn areas are rebuilt with close grained machineable cast iron, fused perfectly with the parent material. Strictly controlled pre- and post-heat treatment procedures are individually recorded. This is followed by precision re-machining of all critical areas to original limits and tolerances, and fitting of new seats, guides and all spares required, carried out in our own state-of-the-art workshops.

As a trusted ship repair company SHIP STORE offers you a tailor made service for all kinds reconditioning jobs at all Turkish Ports and straits.

Exhaust Valve Housing / Cages Reconditioning :

SHIP STORE provides the complete reconditioning service for Valve Cages.  We believe that there is no short cut to producing a first class reconditioned product. We have established the correct welding parameters, pre- and post- heat treatment thereby removing the likelihood of cracking through the use of incorrect materials and procedures. SHIP STORE's ship repair procedures are strictly controlled to ensure a quality repair every time.

The seat and landing end of the water cooled cage is removed - often revealing complete blockage or erosion of the coolant passageways.We manufacture, at our facility, a new seat, the seat is then stellited on the valve seating face to ensure hardness. The water resistant passageways are cleared and the seat is then welded onto the body.

Finish machining is attended to with equal care.  Attention to detail is essential - in particular the stellited valve seating and valve cage landing faces leave no margin for error. The same meticulous attention to detail is applied to the reconditioning of upper and lower components of both cooled and un-cooled two piece valve cages.

Before the exhaust valve cage is complete, we machine the guide bore and fit new valve guides in house. The exhaust valve cage is then complete, painted, boxed & despatched.

Please send your inquiries to the SHIP STORE, which has been providing the best service to you for years in the ship repair industry.

Exhaust Valve Spindle and Seat Reconditioning :

Reconditioning of exhaust valves and seats includes cleaning, fault detection, premachining, build-up welding, final machining, dimension, crack detection. The old stellite is removed out. The seating surface is built-up welded with stainless steel sublayer wires. Stelliting is performed by plasma powder welding. On the valve stem and stem top the metal is machined out, rebuilt and grinded. Nimonic type valves we build-up weld by WIG-cold-wire method.

Connecting Rod Reconditioning :

SHIP STORE provides reconditioning of all makes and types of connecting rods in house with a short delivery time.

The connecting rod is cleaned and dismantled, checked for damage, cracks, check for overheating and ovality in the big-end bore, check for damage in the small-end bore, re-machining of the serration, re-boring of the big-end to standard size, mounting of new small-end  bushing, new screws, bolts and nuts. Final check by our quality control. A work report will be provided upon completion.

Piston Rod Reconditioning :

SHIP STORE provides you;

  • Excellent Piston Rod Reconditioning facility which includes state of art, machine shop, welding shop & chrome plating shop.

  • A detailed Inspection/Dimensional report that will advise on the tolerances, based on which the Piston Rod is either ground undersize or is restored to original dimensions by weld overlay.

  • Non Destructive Testing of piston rod to verify surface breaking defects.

  • Restoration of material loss on piston rod by depositing special hard face weld overlays using specialist welding processes under controlled conditions.

  • Customized Post Weld Heat Treatment where required after welding to ensure reliability of the reconditioned valve spindle/seat.

  • Final grinding of the Piston Rod to standard tolerances on state of art Bench grinding machine.

  • Restoration of O ring grooves

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SHIP STORE is the prime ship repair company in TURKEY. SHIP STORE located in Tuzla Istanbul and serving ship repair TURKEY to clients. We also best ship supply TURKEY company. We are also a company ship supply istanbul Turkey. Ship repair Turkey is our main focus. Ship Supply Istanbul

Ship Repair TURKEY, Ship repair ISTANBUL, Ship repair TUZLA, Ship Supply Turkey

SHIP STORE is the prime ship repair company in TURKEY. SHIP STORE located in Tuzla Istanbul and serving ship repair TURKEY to clients. We also best ship supply TURKEY company. We are also a company ship supply istanbul Turkey. Ship repair Turkey is our main focus. Ship Supply Turkey

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